Rack loader, Unloader & Rack conveyor

Rack loader is device for loading green products to rack automatically. It can replace off- bearer.
Unloader is device for unloading cured product from rack to conveyor for next step –cubing. Rack is moving by detecting sensor in front of rack loader and unloader. This is first step of automation so many customer using off bearer has shown interests for replacement.

Face Treatment Equipment

For making face mix layer(second layer) on paver, face treatment equipment is required.
When it doesn’t need, it can be detached.

Detached face mix equipment from main machine

Cubing System

Composed of Cuber ,Rotation table and Pallet magazine.
By powerful hydraulic pressure and exact operation, products stacking time can be decreased and prevent product damage.
For stable stack up( zigzag stacking) , rotation table has been adopted so cuber move only up and down without rotary movement and resulted in stable products delivery and less errors.
PT5243 & PT5555 is small machine but cuber is big size so normal cubic size is from 1000x1000mm, But it can be customized.

Cuber with Rotation table

Pallet magazine feed base pallet one by one from bottom

Finished Product Stacking

When products are made in cubic size on base pallet by cuber stacking, this cube can be stack on yard and load to truck without base pallet.
Therefore, There’s no need to have lots of base pallets in stock which might be financial burden.
Economical operation is possible.

Finished product conveyor

Manual clamper connected forklift
- Grabbing only products on base pallet

Stacking products without base pallet

Finished Product Loading To Truck

Forklift mounted clamper can be used to load and unload cubed products to truck.
Also crane can be mounted on truck itself.
For time saving & keeping products quality.

Clamper mounted on forklift

Loading to truck

Loaded products without base pallets

Curing Room

Curing room can be made very simple and economical with simple wall whatever it is by steel sheet or block along with curtain type shut down.
Rack with products itself put to a curing room so there is no need of huge amounts of investment for curing room structure.

Examples of simple curing room

Transfer Car

A Transfer-car System has been developed for customers who want to make their factory system more automated.
The system completely replaces the forklift, thereby saving the cost of forklift and wages for one operator.
Composed of upper car and lower car, lower car move from side to side and upper car move back and forth.

Batching System

Aggregate Hoppers

Aggregate Conveyor

Pan Mixer