Model No. PT5555 & PT5243

High Production Capacity:
Rather than traditional stamping method (HORIZONTAL), adopted VERTICAL stamping method.
This way, in a same time and same area, more than double production capacity can be achieved especially for brick.

For Brick production

Normal machine
Horizontal production

Our machine
Vertical production

Vertical production

Strong Vibration:
2 vibration motors connect directly to a mould make very strong vibration more than 5000rpm so allow to produce high density products in a short time. With this high technology, bricks can be produced in vertical and hollow block can be produced in narrow wall thickness.

Motor : Directly connect to a mould (both side of mould)

Operation of motors

Differentiated Filling:
Differentiated unique filling system “Impeller” can reduce filling time , fill mortar evenly to a very narrow area in a mould.
In case of hollow block, 14mm wall thickness is possible so can reduce consumed material and lower production cost.
Nonetheless, strength of product remain the same so give big benefit to manufacturers.



Normal-35mm wall

Our product-14mm thin wall
★ Light Weight & Good Strength

Easy Maintenance

Separated hydraulic tank

Hydraulic tank is not embedded in a machine but separated, so when requires maintenance , easy checking is possible.

Hydraulic tank

Exposed motors

Motors are exposed outside so easy checking and maintenance possible

Vibration motors

Women workers for maintenance

Women workers are also easily accustomed to our machine.

Compact Design:
For increasing space efficiency, every device is placed very densely and conveyor where products move is made short so product damage and jam on conveyor has been minimized. Many customers are satisfied and surprised.

Area required for factory shed : 30x60m
Area required for curing room : 15x20m